The M.K. Sanghi Group has five principal lines of business:

• Industrial Gas Manufacturing
• Engineering & Exports
• Automobile Distribution
• Real Estate & Hospitality
• Power Generation

Industrial Gas Manufacturing: The Gas Manufacturing division operates industrial gas plants in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, supplying oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene and other gases to various industries. Some of the group's industrial units supply oxygen to the flourishing steel industry and nitrogen to the packaging and pharmaceutical sectors. The group also operates dissolved acetylene plants for steel cutting and welding industries. Being a manufacturer of not only the gas but also the plant and machinery that produces such gases, Sanghi plants are some of the most efficiently run units in the country. The group has established a strong brand name which is synonymous with credibility, reliability and quality.

Industrial gas manufacturing, storage and transport facilities

Engineering & Exports: The Engineering & Exports division, designs, builds and maintains industrial gas plants of varying capacities on turnkey basis to customers within India as well as abroad. Sanghi Organization is a leading manufacturer of industrial gas plants such as oxygen plants, nitrogen plants, air separation plants and allied equipment.

Some of the products engineered and manufactured by Sanghi Organization

Sanghi Organization's research, engineering and fabrication division is located in Taloja, Maharashtra. The sprawling complex has a line up of modern facilities including machinery, tooling and assembly. Sanghi Organization and its sister firm, Sanghi Overseas, has established over 400 such projects within India and at various locations overseas. In 1991, Sanghi Overseas, started exporting projects on turnkey basis and has already setup projects in over 60 countries worldwide including Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Gambia, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Nigeria, Dubai, Uganda, Tanzania, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Egypt, Honduras, Kenya, Chile, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Libya, Zambia, Morocco etc. For more information about our Engineering & Exports business please visit

Some of the capital goods exported by Sanghi Overseas

Automobile Distribution: The Automobile division operates dealerships in Mumbai. This includes sales, service, spares, car finance and insurance. Vitesse is a group company that is one of the oldest distributors for Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Vitesse has sold over 150,000 vehicles and operates a showrooms and automobile workshops for this business in Mumbai. In 1986, the group ran the first pilot program for providing car loans in India on behalf of Citibank. The program was a runaway success and resulted in the group becoming one of the largest brokers of personal finance products including automobile loans and automobile insurance. For more information about Vitesse, please visit

The group is one of Maruti-Suzuki's oldest dealers
and has also represented several other brands over the years

Real Estate & Hospitality: The Real Estate division builds, owns and leases a substantial portfolio of residential and commercial properties in Mumbai. The group has always had a strong presence in the hospitality business because of Seth Motilal Sanghi's forays into the cinema business and the auto distribution business, both of which required customer focus coupled with prime real estate. From 1985 onwards, the group began to commercially build its hospitality investments by developing a prime residential apartment complex in the extremely high-priced South Mumbai area. This project consisted of 45,000 square feet of luxurious extended-stay suites and apartments in Malabar Hill, Mumbai’s most exclusive residential locality. In 2002, The group developed another long-stay complex in Prabhadevi, the most central location of Mumbai. Located on a quiet leafy and secluded road, this property consists of 12 super-deluxe apartments, each admeasuring 3000 square feet. The group is not a traditional develop-and-sell real estate player. We provide customers with extended-stay options ranging from twelve months to thirty-six. Our portfolio is well-managed and customers get excellent housekeeping, engineering services, security, easy documentation and moving services. All our developments are solely for the purpose of earning long term rentals through value addition. Each of our properties is exclusive, well-maintained and well-managed.

Residential real estate assets of the group

Power Generation: The Power Generation division, operates wind turbines for generating electricity in Rajasthan. As of date the turbines are located in and around Jaisalmer owing to better wind potential.

Wind turbines for power generation