Although the M.K. Sanghi Group consists of companies and firms that are entirely privately held by the Sanghi family, the operational style is one of immense accountability and professionalism. Each business unit is headed by a CEO or Vice-President who reports to a specific member of the board of directors. The focus is on customer service and fiscal discipline.

Geographical markets served: India + 57 countries
Locations & Offices in India: 13 locations
Indian States covered: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
Headquarters: Mumbai

Group Companies, Firms, Trusts:
Vitesse Private Limited
Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited
Sarayu Investments Private Limited
Kota Oxygen Private Limited
Sanghi Udyog India Private Limited
Sanghi Hospitality UK Limited
Sanghi Overseas
Motilal G. Sanghi Charitable Trust

All entities within the group are closely held.